An amazing foot soak with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties imbued in high grade Epsom salts well known to be detoxifying, healing and soothing.

An all-round product from which any foot condition will benefit.  Whether treating an acute issue  such as thrush with daily use; or to maintain optimum hoof and foot care with weekly use and as a defence against conditions occurring.

Can be used alone or with our Hoof Conditioner as the perfect duo.

Optimum Foot Soak

  • Optimum Hoof Soak can be beneficial with the following issues:

    • Before and after competitions to avoid bringing any infectious conditions home
    • With horses that are kept in deep litter bedding
    • In the winter use as a weekly soak to reduce the chances of bacteria entering the foot from spores in the soil
    • During remedial farriery with plastic shoes/wedges to avoid bacteria collecting
    • When horses leave a yard and move to a new one
    • Transitioning from being shod to barefoot
    • Thrush in the frog
    • Bruised soles
    • Abscesses
    • Punctured sole
    • Nail bind or nail prick
    • Seedy toe
    • Laminitis
    • Sand and grass cracks