A remarkable nourishing, strengthening,  anti-bacterial and anti-fungal hoof conditioner.  Unlike oil based products, this works with the entire hoof and foot by balancing moisture and allowing the hoof to breathe and condition at the same time.

Very beneficial for a variety of hoof issues such as thrush, hoof cracks, bruised soles and many more.

Designed to be used alongside the Optimum Foot Soak for outstanding results to improve the overall condition of the hoof, frog and sole of the foot.  Can also be used alone for hoof nourishment and condition.

Hoof Conditioner

  • Hoof Conditioner can be beneficial with the following issues:

    • Thrush in the frog
    • Bruised soles
    • Abscesses
    • Punctured sole
    • Nail bind or nail prick
    • Seedy toe
    • Laminitis
    • Sand and grass cracks
    • Transitioning from being shod to barefoot