This lovely blend is created with oils for their calming and supporting properties.  Designed as an emotional support for horses in a variety of situations which can be distressing for the horses and their owners alike.

Perfect for anxious horses, those with vices and many other emotional conditions irrespective of the cause.  Mares in season can also benefit.

Horse’s respond remarkably well to the aroma of the blend, as do their owners!

Support Blend

  • Support Blend can be beneficial with the following:

    • When the horse feels overwhelmed with its workload or training.  Perfect for young horses in training or those progressing in the intensity or standard of training
    • Anxious, depressed, nervous horses
    • Transition periods such as new owner, home, separation, loss, long travel journeys
    • Mares in season – apply to the back in the region of the ovaries
    • Mares and foals during weaning
    • Bridling problems (once the bit and bridle has been checked for suitability and fit)
    • Horses with headaches – we now know this is a condition that exists
    • Comforting after a frightening event such as accident, fireworks, horses that have been abused
    • Security for rescue horses
    • Before loading if the horse finds it fearful or claustrophobic