A soothing gel for the joints with comforting, circulatory and restoring properties to help joint health and mobility.

The gel is spicy and fresh with earthy undertones to help the horse feel balance and stability. Designed to be used anytime the joints need some additional support due to physical exercise and with the aging process.   

Joint Assist Gel

  • Joint Assist Gel can be beneficial with the following:

    • Assisting with mobilisation issues as a result of degenerative conditions or over training.
    • For horses of any age from youngsters in training to veterans and retired horses.
    • Helpful to leg joints when the horse is progressing in its work levels and needs that extra stride
    • Soothing to sore shins, warm or inflamed joints
    • After an injury or knock to a joint when it might be bruised
    • Bones in the foot – can be applied directly to the hoof, heel and fetlock.

    Can be used together our Muscle Warming Gel and Body Cooling Gel to provide a trio of the utmost in body tissue and mobility support