A blend with incredible warming, protecting and nourishing properties to use before exercise  to warm muscles at the dermal layer (the horse will not feel heat on its skin).  This helps pliability of the muscles when they are more at risk of injury.  Also perfect for horses with a sore back to soothe and comfort.   The gel can be applied under tack.

Muscle Warming Gel

  • Muscle Warming Gel can be beneficial with the following:

    • During rehabilitation such as race horse to riding horse, it will be using different muscle groups when being schooled and will need extra support to avoid tension and injury to the muscle fibres.
    • Young horses going through the ‘backing’ process when they experience tension in their muscles.
    • Before exercise to warm muscles and help pliability of muscle fibres against injury
    • After receiving any muscle injuries
    • After massaging or grooming  to maintain muscle relaxation, especially during box rest
    • Areas of stiffness especially on cold days to warm the tissues and help mobility
    • As a support during times of peak workload and fitness training when muscles need additional support
    • For all back problems including  ‘cold backed’ horses
    • To help relieve discomfort from saddle fit issues
    • Travelling horses – this causes the horse to ‘brace itself’ in transport resulting in muscle tension and soreness and a build-up of lactic acid – not ideal before a competition (apply to the top line before travelling the horse)


    An excellent complement to our Body Cooling Gel ‘a perfect duo’