A refreshing gel for the body with soothing, cooling and repairing properties.  The cooling takes place at the dermal layer so the horse will not feel cold on its skin.

Use the gel after training, competition and travelling to help cool the soft tissues.    Cooling is known to help flush out toxins and inflammation created by exercise thereby enhancing the healing process.  

A convenient product when an ice pack or cold hose isn’t available.

Body Cooling Gel

  • Body Cooling Gel can be beneficial with the following:

    • Sparingly apply after exercise or competitive event to cool the tissues and help relieve tension, strain and aches.   All over the body including legs, tendons and ligaments
    • As a support during backache when the area is warm or inflamed, helps prevent bruising to the tissues
    • After travelling - apply over the top-line or as a wash when the horse returns to its base to help areas that may have ‘seized up’ after physical activity and travelling from lactic acid build up (helps to reduce the following day stiffness).
    • Use the gel in cool water as a soothing wash in hot weather to help to dispel the effects from the sun, bites and stings.
    • After turn out on firm ground to lessen the effects of concussion in the limbs
    • Relaxing after a farrier visit to help the muscles release after the farrier hold – especially with older horses that might have degenerative conditions who find foot care difficult.
    • Calming for sore shins and legs that are inflamed


    An excellent complement to our Muscle Warming Gel ‘a perfect duo’