About Us

Our Journey

At Equi-Aid we are driven by a passionate belief that health care and well-being of horses should be more natural and less synthetic, we firmly believe in the power of plants. In our sister company Equi-Ed, we teach a variety of equine training courses in Ireland, including equine therapy ‘the power of therapy’. Both companies are built on a shared ethos of “combining science with nature”.


We are an Ireland based company who source natural ingredients and blend our products by hand supplying to a global market of equestrians – from the family pony to Olympic horses, they can all benefit from our products! and they don’t contain any banned substances.



In the past we have purchased essential oil products for our own horses both with pleasing and disappointing results.  An essential oil product we used for mud fever stripped the skin from our horse’s pasterns and a shampoo left our horse with burns as it contained an essential oil that we later discovered was photosensitive (adverse reaction to sunlight) when applied to a horse.


This led to us to embark on extensive research into essential oils along with our UK partner,  the Equine Massage Academy, Science Consultants, and Aromatherapists. We combined our expertise and knowledge of animal anatomy and physiology alongside our partners, the revelation was that many of the oils and multi product blends available to use on horses can cause skin irritation, toxicity and photosensitivity.  It is very important to know that whilst some oils may be safe on humans it does not render them safe on animals.

Therefore to produce a range of products we truly believe to be safe, we thoroughly tested all our products on a variety of horses, including blood testing through a Veterinarian and we are proud with the results.